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December 18, 2019

cover jpegMy latest novel is now published and available on Amazon, both in paperback and in ebook format. Those Who Seek is the third in my Rescue Mission series, following Those Who Hope and Those Who Dream.

Combined, I hope they tell the story of drug addiction.

Those Who Seek is my favorite of the three books, because  Elvis, the main protagonist, is a funny, off-the-wall character. There is nothing  funny about his meth addiction, but Elvis is a lovable person tormented by drugs. Here’s the story synopsis:

Elvis Sebastiano’s father was “lost at sea” when Elvis was only ten. Left to himself by a grieving mother, Elvis drifted into drugs and crime. By the time his mother emerged from her fog, he was in prison.

Now almost forty, Elvis attends his mother’s memorial service. A colorful, funny meth addict, he is two years sober, but feels the shadow of a relapse hanging over him. Elvis got clean after the firestorm that swept into Santa Rosa two years before; that night galvanized his desire to hang on to life. Now he hopes that connecting to his past will enable him to get back on the path.

After the service, Elvis is approached by a stranger who claims to be his father. This launches Elvis into an adventure, untangling an eccentric family history. His addiction throws him down time after time; with the help of his partner, Angel, of AA and church, he stands up again while the mystery of his family unwinds with increasing, bewildering complexity.

There may still be time to get all three books for Christmas, but if not, they make a wonderful New Year’s present.

Here’s the link for Those Who Seek:

Have a very Merry Christmas!