Billy Graham

Some time back I wrote this piece on Billy Graham for Outreach Magazine. I never met the man. I heard him speak multiple times, beginning when I was seven years old. In this article I try to get at the question of his relevance, long after the vast crowds have vanished. And I re-tell his story, which I find truly fascinating.



2 Responses to “Billy Graham”

  1. Helen Says:

    Great piece, Tim. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

  2. David Graham Says:

    Your vivid memories of the crowds at the crusades you attended when you were 7 and 12 reminded me of Ishi, the stone age Yahi Indian who stumbled into 20th century California civilization. The first time he was taken to the theater, he cared nothing for what was happening on stage (which, by all events, was in a language he could not comprehend), but was fascinated by the crowds, “packed like dried salmon in a storage basket.” Theodora Kroeber wrote, “Not a single act caught his imagination or roused his interest, but he had studied the audience minutely, and he was ready to talk about it on the way home.”

    Isn’t human perception curious?

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