What To Do  

A lot of us are alarmed about the state of America, and many are asking what they can do. Here’s my answer: subscribe to a newspaper.

There are so many issues that require good reporting. Just to name a few, we have questions about whether the FBI or the CIA has been politicized, questions about whether, how and why Russia tried to influence our election, questions about the future of healthcare. None of these can be answered by pontificating partisans on TV, let alone by Twitter. They need careful, thoughtful, diligent reporting.

A bigger question is whether America has become a post-truth society, with citizens who think the world is just a big reality TV show. At the least, we are drifting that way. Countering these tendencies requires citizens who read careful, thoughtful, diligent reporting, and don’t get their information from TV talking heads and tweets.

Good reporting and reliable sources of information start with newspapers. Nothing so far has surfaced to replace them. Yet newspapers are economically imperiled, and their readership has dropped. Therefore, a very practical contribution to these difficult times is to subscribe. That way, the newspapers get your money to pay their reporters; and you get better access to information.


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5 Responses to “What To Do  ”

  1. Steve Says:

    Even the PBS Newshour has resorted to speculation involving what is ahead in the Trump administration. They seem so upset with their imagination of how bad it is going to be. Newspapers also seem to carry this tendency, but usually they have a more in depth discussion. Thanks for helping us think beyond the media’s opinion!

  2. Laura Says:

    Yes! My most recent post was that in the New Year I want to read more print media – newspapers and magazines.

  3. Reading aims in the New Year…books, magazines, newspapers | Enough Light Says:

    […] And I just found this post from another blogger: A lot of us are alarmed about the state of America, and many are asking what they can do. Here’s my answer: subscribe to a newspaper. […]

  4. Dennis F. Mangan, PhD Says:

    A couple of my friends decided on the “triangularization” technique to learn the “truth” about current events. Read at least 3 reputable newspapers: some from the USA and some from other countries. If the facts can be confirmed by at least 3 sources, they’re probably true. Since Nov 2016, I subscribe to multiple newspapers that do solid fact-checking.

  5. l Says:

    Reputable newspapers?? Not sure there are many, and almost none with the world ‘Times’ at the end.

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