Footsteps of Paul

I was in Europe for 2.5 weeks, visiting places I had never seen before, but with no time for tourism. Virtually every waking moment I was chasing interviews with refugees and the people who were helping them. In Berlin I saw the Brandenburg Gate from the window of my bus. Look quick!

The exception was my last day in Greece, when I spent a wonderful afternoon around the Parthenon with Theo Karvounakis and Sokratis Anastasiadis, my delightful and generous hosts from Scripture Union. A friend of theirs is a professional guide, and he took a little time off between gigs to walk me through Mar’s Hill, where Paul preached his famous sermon regarding the Unknown God. (Acts 17:16ff) Mar’s Hill, better known as the Areopagas, is a rounded rock outcrop near the foot of the Parthenon. It’s quite an obvious feature of the terrain. Our guide said that archaeologists have discovered that it had a parapet all around it, so there was only one access to the small forum at the top. That access was a staircase cut out of the rock, still visible today.

“So you are saying,” I asked, “that Paul must have walked up those very stairs.”


“So if I were to climb up there, I would be walking in the exact place where Paul walked.”

“Yes, but I wouldn’t advise it, it’s very slippery.”

“I’m a mountain guy,” I said. “I will have no problem.”

So here I am with Theo. I can’t quite explain why I got such pleasure from this, but it really was the highlight of my trip.DSC00917 (1)



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3 Responses to “Footsteps of Paul”

  1. Ken Says:

    Tim… our team was there as well… And the visit to Mars Hill was the highlight of our tour of the great city of Athens. (Well, the prayer walk in Pireas was pretty amazing, too.) You may have noticed, the entire passage from the book of Acts 17 is forever there on a large bronze plaque…. in Greek. The folks at the Helenic Scripture Union were amazing hosts. Great photo of you and Theo.

  2. Pastor Jun Says:

    Wow! I am quite cynical of biblical tourism (I don’t know if I get it right), but what you shared is just amazing!!! Thanks Tim. And thanks too for the God’s Justice Bible. I just received a copy in the Philippines! God bless. Pastor Jun Gonzaga

  3. David G. Says:

    I’ve also been there and did the same as you – and walking up those stairs “in Paul’s footsteps” was indeed pretty cool. You did the right thing by climbing up to the top.

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