Crazy People

When I was a young man I had a number of crazy friends, and thought nothing of it. But the years tend to make sensible people of us all. Few of my current friends and family members show extravagant eccentricities.

But thank God for exceptions. My dear friends Dean and Mindy Anderson have embarked on an epic journey, the sort of odyssey that seems pretty far out for those in their twenties, and definitely extreme for people in their fifties. They have set off in their aging minivan to visit fifty churches and fifty bars in fifty states for fifty weeks. For the next year they are crashing with friends and relations, and writing in their blog about what they experience. They’re trying to get a snapshot of America, and particularly America’s churches.

To read their posts, and follow their journey, check out their website.

Dean is an ordained Evangelical Free pastor, and the celebrated author of the Bill the Warthog Mystery Series. He and Mindy have three grown children. But currently, of their own volition, they have no home but their van. And not much money, either. (You can support them through crowdfunding.) And no real plan for what comes next.

In every church, and every bar, they plan to ask the following questions: What makes a good church? What makes a good bar? Good questions.


5 Responses to “Crazy People”

  1. Steve Gilbertson Says:

    Got a kick out of your post when I reflected: they could visit our church and get both in one visit! For three years, we’ve met at the Buffalo Chip Saloon in Cave Creek, AZ. It burned down on Thanksgiving Day — but we’re still there! I wish them all the best, and will enjoy following their trek

  2. Carrie Bare Says:

    Love the spirit of adventure, the desire to learn and the faith it takes! Glad to know about this. Ronald Rolheiser has a somewhat similar story, towards the end of his book, Sacred Fire

  3. Dean Anderson (@Dean_Min_Travel) Says:

    Steve, we’re in AZ right now. We’ll be worshiping with folks in Tucson, so sadly will miss Cave Creek. There are just too many amazing places!

  4. Dean Anderson (@Dean_Min_Travel) Says:

    And thanks, Tim, for the kind words. (That is, if “crazy” is a kind word. And we think it is.)

  5. 207amanda Says:

    You would be welcome in Maine!

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