Home Town

I’m so (irrationally) proud of Kevin Jorgeson and his ascent of the Yosemite Dawn Wall with Tommy Caldwell. I’ve been aware of Jorgeson for years, because he comes from my home town of Santa Rosa. (As this story reveals, he still lives here.)  I have a longstanding attraction to rock climbing, since my college roommate, Dwight Olsen, once led me up a Yosemite wall. (Royal Arches Direct, to be exact.) I’m very proud to say I climbed a Yosemite wall, but I haven’t forgotten the terror. I never climbed again, but every time I am in Yosemite I stop at the El Capitan meadow to see if I can locate some climbers.

If you want to experience a tiny slice of fear, google Dawn Wall and check out some of the pictures and videos of the climb. For example.


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One Response to “Home Town”

  1. Bill Reichert Says:

    I remember Dwight. Fortunately he took you up that rock wall and not me!

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