Escape Hatch to Sanity

Last week we got away for a few days to the eastern Sierra. It’s probably our favorite place, other than home. We had planned to backpack, but then the dog broke his leg and couldn’t hike, so we stayed in cabins and did day hikes. The weather was perfect, and to our surprise there was actually more snow on the mountains than we had seen last year in the same week. It’s good to get away! And it’s good to see the mountains.

These pictures are from the Little Lakes Valley, just up the road from an establishment named Pie in the Sky.

photo 2 (1)

photo 1 (1)

photo 1


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2 Responses to “Escape Hatch to Sanity”

  1. karenkalinski Says:

    Beautiful! Dog looks happy also. Reminds me of trips long ago. Remember when the bear ate all our food except the broccoli, rice, and canned chicken? Certainly, the large block of chocolate. I think they need a bear dentist.

  2. GaryM Says:

    So awesome and majestic! I’ve been all over the eastern Sierras, but missed that spot. Thanks for sharing. You adapted to adversity well – glad to see your dog made it despite injury.

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