Special on Miracles

My publisher announces that they have a special sale on e-book copies of my book Miracles.

On May 18 you can download it free. For two weeks after that–through the end of the month–you get it for $5.99.

Here’s the link to their special page:

They say the same deal is at most of the big book websites.


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2 Responses to “Special on Miracles”

  1. mindy Says:

    woohoo! This is great. Thanks!

  2. Joel Nethery Says:

    I bought “Miracles” awhile back and just finished reading it today. I must say It is refreshing to read such a balanced view of one of the most confusing doctrines facing the church today. You have helped me more than you can imagine Tim. I live in Redding, CA (the home of Bethel Church which you mention in the book) and I have had such an angry and bitter disposition toward them on several levels. Your balanced voice of reason and faith is helping me to prayerfully reconsider my disposition toward Bethel and the many neighbors, friends and family that attend there. It seems even this old, hard-hearted Lutheran still has much to learn about the ‘whole” Body of Christ. God bless you!

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