The Adam Quest

Two weeks ago one of the scientists I profile in The Adam Quest, Mary Schweitzer, was featured in The Economist Magazine. Here’s the article. Do you know how rare it is for any scientist to get this kind of recognition? She’s certainly on top of the world in paleontology. And her research is really full of surprises! Very interesting stuff.

So is her life’s story, which I tell in The Adam Quest. She was a housewife raising three kids when she decided to take some courses at Montana State for personal enrichment. She took a class on dinosaurs because she remembered being interested in them as a child. (She was also a Young Earth Creationist who believed that the earth, and thus dinosaurs, were only a few thousand years old. And she had never taken science classes, because they were too hard.)

Mary’s story may be the most interesting and surprising of the scientists whom I profile, but they really are all quite fascinating people.  The theory behind the book is that it’s much harder to demonize people whom you get to know. It certainly worked that way for me.

The book comes out in two weeks. It features profiles of eleven scientists who are Christians and involved in creation-evolution discussions. They are all (or have been) working scientists, defined as science PhDs who have published papers in peer-reviewed journals. They come from different points of view regarding the age of the earth and whether God used evolutionary means to create. I think you’ll find it a very interesting read. Some of my pre-pub readers told me they couldn’t put it down.


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7 Responses to “The Adam Quest”

  1. Anthony Le Donne Says:

    Excited about this book, Tim!

  2. Clay Knick Says:

    Ordered the book!

  3. Lee Fielder Says:

    This is going to some people on my Christmas list…too bad they have to wait till 2014 to get it!

  4. ChazIng Says:

    An Adam Quest apology (and another one):

  5. Clay Knick Says:

    Loved this book, Tim! Great interviews, nicely written, too. I think you did a great job letting the people you interviewed speak for themselves. And I really liked your perspective given at the end of the book. Great job!

  6. krista smith Says:

    Hello Tim,

    Could you reply with maybe your top five reading list in preparing to write this book~ you have cited so many books within the chapters (I’d love to read them all)…but I was wondering what your top ones would be. I was thinking about asking to lead a church class in going through this book later in the spring, but would want to make sure I had thoroughly read, not just your book (which I loved and read till early morning hours over the last two days), but a variety of books on all three view points. So I don’t look like an idiot if I get asked a hard question.

    Thank you for your valuable time.

    • timstafford Says:

      It’s hard to come up with a “top five” because the whole subject is so unresolved. The bibliography at the end of The Adam Quest would be the best source I can offer for books from each point of view. The most cogent, I would say, is Denis Alexander’s Creation or Evolution. I also like Darrel Falk’s Coming to Peace with Science. Simon Conway Morris’ two big books are pretty hard reading but very interesting, especially for an alternative way to think about the meaning of evolution.

      On the ID front, I would read Michael Behe’s Darwin’s Black Box. Fazale Rana and Hugh Ross’ Origins of Life is also good.

      For YEC, Kurt Wise’s Faith, Form and Time gives a good overview of YEC thinking.

      These are just on the science side. Biblical interpretation is another very important part of the subject. And so is philosophy of science, where Polkinghorne is particularly worthwhile (though not necessarily easy reading).

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