Good news

I found this incredibly moving. It’s an interview with the woman who arranged for the burial of the Boston terrorist, though she had no personal linkage to him at all. Her calm, clear, non-presumptive articulation of her faith is extraordinary. Very challenging. Would I do this?


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One Response to “Good news”

  1. David Graham Says:

    Other questions to ponder are, “Would Joshua – in any of his battles – have done this?” Or “would Ezra – he of the forced divorces for any Israelite married to a foreigner – have done this?” Or “Is this how David treated Goliath’s body?” Or “Would the Apostle Paul – he of the ‘if anyone preaches a different gospel, let him be damned’ – have done this?” Deciding what is “biblical” behavior all depends on where the reader turns her gaze in the scriptures…

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