Attacks on Christians in Sri Lanka

You may know that I have a long-time interest in Sri Lanka. Today I got the following report from a friend there:

The attacks on Christians doing evangelism has really intensified. Many house prayer groups in homes of believers have been asked to stop. There are attacks on churches. A group has arisen which has taken it upon themselves even using force to protect Sri Lanka which they are saying belongs to a certain ethnic group and a certain religion. They have published a document on the so-called threat to Sri Lanka and listing dangerous organisations. We are in that list. Much wisdom is needed. Pastors are living with much fear. They are also hitting Muslim targets.
Please pray for us.


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2 Responses to “Attacks on Christians in Sri Lanka”

  1. Mark Says:

    I spent 10 days in Sri Lanka earlier this year and can attest that concern exists among Christian and Muslim people about growing threats against religious freedom. The high profile, threatening statements from leaders of another ethnic, religious group are a reality; they were voiced to me by common people. It was expressed that threats are now increasing against other religious minorities now that the Tamil minority was been beaten in the civil war. Much to pray about!

  2. Says:

    Thanks for this note.  We at PW prayed for these and all missionaries last Tuesday   Leona

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