For This One Day

A few days ago our friend John came to see us–John whose wife Nancy died a year ago. They were a lovely pair and very close. John wanted very much to talk about Nancy and her death, showing us photos of her last days and letting us inhabit the grief he is going through. It was a great honor, and very touching, to share with him. It reminded me what marriage is meant to be.

I asked John how he managed. He said sometimes he was not sure that he could. It just seemed to be too much. But when he reflected on Nancy as a gift given him for 33 years, an extraordinary gift greater than he could ever deserve, he found that he could manage. He wasn’t sure that he could live without Nancy for the rest of his life, but he could live for this one day.


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One Response to “For This One Day”

  1. David Graham Says:

    Oof…(the sound of wind being taken out of the sails after 33 years of marriage…)

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