I am thankful for America…

… where we don’t have Republican suicide bombers ramming explosive-laden trucks into Democratic campaign offices.

… where  mobs of young Democratic men did not surge into Republican neighborhoods burning houses and churches.

… where Mitt Romney gave a gracious concession speech and pledged to pray for President Obama’s success.

… where President Obama acknowledged the love for America that motivated all sides in the campaign, and praised the Romney family’s lifelong devotion to serving their country.

…. where life goes on the day after the election almost exactly the way it went on the day before the election, only with fewer ads and no robo-calls.


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4 Responses to “I am thankful for America…”

  1. George Dakin Says:

    Well said, Tim! Thank you.

  2. Vern Says:

    I am thankful… at the same time, aware that our country is more divided than ever along lines that are clearly morally and spiritually defined.

  3. Hearen Christian Says:

    Good to see the group which says out things, which are right and wrong. But this campaigning show a comman man a fight for kingship and not as party which will rule like in India or Israel

  4. David Graham Says:

    Amen to all you said, Tim.

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