Thoughts on London 2012

I’m back home after having a wonderful time in London. Boy, was it fun.

Some thoughts:

* It wasn’t traumatic for us that Silas didn’t win a medal, and I don’t think it was traumatic for him. Sure, he was disappointed, but not devastated. He’s experienced the agony of defeat, believe me. This wasn’t it. His dream was to make the Olympics, and he succeeded. (It helped that he rowed really well the last two days.)

* It really was wonderful for him (and us) to feel that tons of people were cheering for him. (If you sent him a message and didn’t get a response, it’s because he was hearing from so many.)

* The Brits we encountered seemed to be extremely proud to be hosting the Olympics and positively patriotic when it came to winning medals. They acted positively American!

* From everything I saw, the games are very well organized. The underground worked flawlessly, better than it does normally. (They must have put every last train on the tracks.) It wasn’t crowded. The buses and trains were lined up and there was no waiting.

* The weather was wonderful the first week. And London is a great place in all weathers!


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2 Responses to “Thoughts on London 2012”

  1. Karen Kalinski Says:

    Glad you guys all had a great time – a once in a lifetime chance. I’m so proud and happy that Silas went as far as he did and had such a healthy attitude. You have 3 great kids (young adults). I was able to see a few rowing events on NBC but none of the 2-men rowing.

  2. Dana Ames Says:

    Congratulations to your son; a wonderful accomplishment, and such a gift to be able to go and cheer him on.

    We lived in the LA area the last time the games were there. It was incredibly easy to get around, even on the freeways, with all the traffic mitigation that was done; they didn’t even have the light rail at that time. It was so unlike the usual, like we weren’t in LA at all. Everyone I knew wanted that to go on even after the games were over. Oh well…

    Dana in Ukiah

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