On to the Semis

We had a great time yesterday. First off, Silas and Tom made it through to the semis, through harrowing conditions and near disaster. Man, it was close!

Just as much fun was meeting friends before and after the race. Our party were all wearing bright red t-shirts that read SILAS’ CREW. These served as a magnet for Silas’ friends from Stanford, Cambridge and US Rowing. Popie was in heaven connecting all these people and names. Some we had not seen for a long time, and some we had never met. Silas came and joined us after the race and we had a Silas fest. Afterwards we went with our party of friends and family to eat a languorous lunch in the shadow ofd Windsor castle. Wow.

From various emails I have learned that NBC HAS shown Silas’ race and talked about him, but evidently it is very hard to know when he will appear. Good luck with that. We’ll be cheering from the stands. Silas is well aware that you all are backing him. I think he’s a little amazed, especially after years of rowing in obscurity. It’s great fun.

Next up, semis on Wednesday. You had better cheer loud because it’s hard to see how Silas and
Tom will make it to the A final, given how the races have gone so far. But, such wonderful things have happened before, so tune in!

Here we are with Silas after the race.

This is Tom, his parents, and us.


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9 Responses to “On to the Semis”

  1. Carolyn Chooljian Says:

    Go Silas and Tom!

  2. natalye Says:

    So awesome to read about! I have loved watching the coverage here in Berlin, even if it is all in German, and cheering for Silas! Hope you two are having a blast in London… hoping for good results tomorrow!

  3. Fred Says:

    Tim and Popie,
    Kelly and I and family are cheering for Silas and Tom. Hope they continue to do well. Fred and Kelly

  4. Richard Nash Says:

    Very happy for you guys!

  5. Mandy Bankson Says:

    Thanks so much for the updates! We cant imagine how intense and fun and nerve wracking it has been!! We’re following it with our limited technology and praying for you all!
    Mandy and Jim

  6. Cindy Says:

    Definitely praying for God’s grace and blessing on all the Silas’ crew this week! It’s times like these, I’m sorry that I don’t subscribe to Cable, but I’ll try to invite myself over to a friend’s house.

  7. Linda Stringer Says:

    Aloha Tim and Popie,
    I’m cheering for Silas and Tom all the way over here in Hawaii! It’s great that he’s gotten so far, and I’m glad you’re able to be there with him! These are the moments we live for as parents!

  8. ScottBuchanan Says:

    Hi Tim,
    First, congrats and best wishes on your “crew.”
    But the main reason I am here is to compliment you on your article, “Tale of Two Scientists”. I wrote you up under the title, “Wow: A Fair and Balanced Treatment of Young Earth and Evolutionary Creationists” on my science/faith blog here at WordPress, http://letterstocreationists.wordpress.com/. It’s sad in a way that this is remarkable, but you managed to really let these very differing actors in a polarized arena speak fairly for themselves. Nice job.
    -Scott Buchanan

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