Olympic heat

Those of you who persevered with Internet streaming and 4 a.m. wake ups know that Silas’ first race was disappointing. He came in last of four boats in a close race for second–the Canadians were way ahead. You may not realize though that this is not the end. Monday morning at 10:20 London time he gets a second chance to move forward to the semis through something rowers call the repechage. So, another chance to lose sleep.

Naturally Silas was disappointed but he is not without hope for improved results.

For the many of you who have asked us to pass on your encouragement–he knows how many people are rooting for him. We have a decent contingent here, and he has heard from people all over, including friends in Abu Dhabi. It’s amazing! And it definitely means a lot to him.

The weather has been beautiful and the rowing events have been wonderful to watch. They had 25000 people in the stands and lining the 2k racecourse. Generally rowers race before crowds of hundreds, if it’s a really big event.

It’s evident that the Brits we have talked to are very proud to host the Olympics–and more than a little nervous that it all go well.

Oh, one question I got asked…. What is it about a boy with the golden ticket?

I’m told this is a line from a song in Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. When Silas was at Cambridge his teammates decided it applied to him and would burst into, “I’ve got a golden ticket” when Silas entered a room. BBC picked it up and had Silas sing the line on TV leading up to the Boat Race. Apparently it won’t go away.


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4 Responses to “Olympic heat”

  1. David & Daphne Fisher Says:

    We’re cheering for Silas! Hope that you are having a great time! Thanks for keeping us updated too!

  2. Andy Rowell Says:

    Here is the video of the heat:


  3. Kaye Robb Says:

    So fun to see Silas on TV this morning. If I understood it correctly he came in 3rd which quailfied him for the semi-finals! Please tell Popie I said hello from Tuscaloosa.
    Kaye Robb

  4. Joyce Bryant Says:

    Tim, thanks for the update and pictures. Yes, I am getting up in the middle of the night to watch Silas live. You could have heard me cheering him on up and down Happy Valley Road. Know you are having a great time. Joyce

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