To London!

Please indulge me in a little personal ecstasy. My son Silas–he of the broken rib two months ago–qualified for the Olympics today, winning the trials for the pair. Here’s the US Rowing story.

And here is a Youtube interview.

Anyone who has seen my dance moves might have predicted this.

It’s a very happy day in the Stafford household.


9 Responses to “To London!”

  1. Holly Newman Says:

    Congratulations, what a thrill!

  2. Gary M Says:

    What great news! I rejoice with you.

  3. chosenrebel Says:

    Congrats to your son and the family. Go USA.

  4. Dave McCall Says:

    Terrific! Happy Father’s Day Tim! Great news for all the Stafford’s.

  5. Fred Says:

    Now, onto the Gold!

  6. Dan Swedenborg Says:


    I am proud for you and Popy and very happy for Silas. I’m always a sucker for the come-back story. I will be watching the Olympics with keen interest, especially when it comes to rowing.

    Dan Swedenborg

  7. Sue Preston Says:

    Congratulations to you and Popie and Silas! We are so happy and excited about the news! We’ve been telling everybody about it.

  8. Isobel Stevenson Says:

    Congratulations! May the only one who can beat him be a Canadian!

  9. Cindy Says:

    What a thrilling time for the Stafford family! Do you have your tickets for London yet?

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