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I published As Our Years Increase 23 years ago, when both my parents and Popie’s parents were alive. My father-in-law, Henry Herrod, stimulated my writing by demanding to know how we planned to take care of him when he got old. I wasn’t altogether delighted to ponder that question, but I conceded he had a point. As Our Years Increase was my way of answering. It’s a research-based book about life after 65 and how families go through it together.

A year or so ago I decided to take some of my out-of-print books and turn them into ebooks. I thought some of them might still have something worthwhile to say. Today I’m announcing that my first one is up, available both through Amazon and through Smashwords (with Barnes and Noble and others to come) for $2.99.

I found it interesting to go through the book preparing to re-publish it. Each chapter begins with a memo to a parent or in-law, putting the subject in a very personal, family frame. That was a little tricky and theoretical when I wrote, as those issues weren’t yet “real” for us.

In the intervening years, they’ve become real. We’ve seen all our parents to the end of their lives. Henry died very suddenly from a heart attack. Lung cancer took my mother, one month after diagnosis. My father, who had been in long decline from Alzheimers, died four months after my mom. And last year my mother in law, Ozzie, died at least partly because of the trauma she experienced when the tornado hit her home in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She was 93.

What I’d written theoretically so many years before all held up, I’m glad to say. Nothing proved foolish or fundamentally mistaken.

I think As Our Years Increase can still be helpful to people contemplating the dilemmas of aging. There’s practical advice gleaned from many sources, and there’s a lot of reflection on what old age is supposed to mean, in all its many phases. If this interests you, do take a look. At Smashwords you can preview the first 20% for free.


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2 Responses to “Life Review”

  1. Links and Notes for May 16 2010 | Says:

    […] what I read. Tim Stafford is republishing some of his out of print books on Kindle, one of them on caring for aging parents. Here is the Amazon […]

  2. Gary M Says:

    Tim, about 1/2 into aging book and have found it to be a great read as I ponder and live through the issues of growing old. I’m glad you can offer this through ebooks. Considering your age at writing, you did a comprehensive job on describing accurately most of the important issues of aging.

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