What Is a King?

Here, after considerable delay, is the audio for my Palm Sunday sermon. I had a ton of very positive responses.

My main concern was the nature of royalty. In religious contexts we talk about “King” and “Lord” but those political realities are lost to history: all that survives are pomp and circumstance. It’s hard to fill out the meaning of “the kingdom of God” if “king” is a vague concept.

It clearly wasn’t for those who cheered Jesus into Jerusalem. Nor was it for Jesus.

In the sermon I try to recreate the meaning of “king” and then discuss what kind of king Jesus was. He wasn’t conventional, certainly.


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One Response to “What Is a King?”

  1. Pastor Jun gonzaga Says:

    Thank you very much Tim. My only regret is that I only heard it now. My Holy Week could have been far more richer. God bless. Pastor Jun

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