Ortberg on the Future of Presbyterians

Warning: this may be of interest only to Presbyterians.

I was in Orlando last week for a meeting of the (new) Fellowship of Presbyterians. It’s an attempt to rededicate Presbyterian congregations to core biblical purposes. I won’t try to describe the nuts and bolts of that, which are inevitably tedious. I’ll just say that I appreciated the tone set by the leaders. They resolutely did not complain about the current denomination (PCUSA). They emphasized that they were not so interested in escaping a compromised church as in reinvigorating their own sense of mission.

My highlight, by far, was a talk by John Ortberg, pastor of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church. (Here’s the video.) I recommend it most heartily. I particularly appreciated his evocation of a faith that is thoughtful, courteous, socially and culturally engaged, and loves Jesus. In this, he said, we really do have something important to offer our world.

In this era when “evangelical” often seems to mean simplistic, sloganeering dogmatism, I found it most encouraging to think that the kind of faith I resonate with can have great significance. Ortberg spoke to that well.


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One Response to “Ortberg on the Future of Presbyterians”

  1. kathy karlen Says:

    Thank you for sharing this. This is exciting – to have this type of vision at the leadership level of our denomination. I hope that many of the churches take on this challenge, to be relevant to the world, the goats. There are some cults that do this very well, but they don’t have hay, nor do they know that they don’t have hay. They attract goats, they know who the goats are and they relate very well to them, but have no hay. I hope that we as Christians that have excellent hay are able to get to know and bring into the family of Christ, and save them from the gates of Hell, these goats.
    Thanks for sharing this.

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