Back from China

I’m just back from China, where I had a wonderful ten days. My wife Popie and I went with our son Chase and his wife Helen to meet her extended family in Xi’an. What an experience. Not only did we get guided through some of China’s astonishing sights by the world’s greatest personal tour guides (our family members), but we got welcomed into a wonderful, warm family. We got to see life in China through their eyes. For the next week or so I’ll be posting various reflections, but since I’m jet lagged, and since a picture is supposedly worth a thousand words, here are a couple photos to give you a taste. Click on them to see full size.

One shows Popie and me with Xiaolin and Lan, Chase’s in-laws, riding bikes on the city wall of Xi’an. The wall is the largest and best-preserved in China. It was begun in 1370 and is about 14 km in length. Going at a pokey rate, we took about an hour to ride around–twenty feet and considerable solitude above the busy city. Very cool.

The other picture is of an elderly man writing ancient characters on an expanse of concrete in one of Beijing’s city parks. He’s using a brush dipped in water. A metaphor for scribblers everywhere!


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One Response to “Back from China”

  1. David & Daphne Fisher Says:

    Welcome home! So glad to hear that it was a great trip! Can’t wait to hear more about it!

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