How Do You Like Your Octopus?

Lots and lots of cool stuff can be found on the internet, such that one could spend all day, every day searching it out. I sometimes suspect that David Graham does so, but I think he has a real job as a doctor. Anyway, of all the cool things, David came up with this quite amazing video of an octopus and its camouflage, which I highly recommend:

How do you respond to such wonders? Or to the amazing processes of orchid pollenization, which I learned about last evening from an eminent geologist who has extended his scientific interests to Costa Rican orchids? Evolutionary biologists try to envision the step by step process by which such wonders came to be, through material processes over millions of years. Young-earth creationists imagine God doing it almost instantly, like a magician. They say that random processes could never invent such complex things, and that God and random material processes are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

That’s very debatable–doesn’t God cause the clouds to rain? and coins to come down heads or tails?–but whichever side you take, all theists worthy of their theism will see the wonders of God rampant and worthy of praise. I defy anybody to watch that octopus and insist that it is pointless.




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One Response to “How Do You Like Your Octopus?”

  1. David Graham Says:

    Does god cause the clouds to rain? Or coins to come down heads or tails? The Jewish authors of the Hebrew Scriptures would answer both of those questions with an emphatic “Yes!” (among other examples, cf. Amos 4:6-10, “I sent rain on one town but witheld it from another,” or Proverbs 16:33, “The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from the Lord.)

    In the New Testament, we still see this in Acts 1:26, when the disciples cast lots to replace Judas Iscariot…

    As for the marvels in the world, yes, there is so much quirkiness, defiant individuality, and a prodigality of talent that is present anywhere you care to turn your gaze…and there is beauty, too, whether in the oceans or the interior of orquids in Costa Rica. Wonder everywhere!!”

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