This morning my wife said to me, “Something is smelling in Chase’s room. I don’t know what, but something.”

I had no response, because I cannot smell like she can. Long ago I gave up arguing and realized that some people have more nose than others. If she smells it, she smells it. And she smells it “in Chase’s room.”

Chase is my married son who has not inhabited that room in nine years. His baseball pennants and posters are long gone. So: the space belongs to someone who is not there and no longer has any tangible connection to it; and it smells of something indefinable that I cannot detect.

I understand what she said. I believe it to be true. But I understand and believe on the basis of memory and trust. As is frequently so with other intangibles, such as love. Such as faithfulness. Such as God.



2 Responses to “Smells”

  1. Holly Newman Says:

    Wow, we have that exact same conversation from time to time. I can smell so much better than Steve. (and I’m seldom wrong!)

    I like your analogy about it. I would never have thought of it. Thanks!

  2. David Graham Says:

    So, as Paul Harvey would want to know, what is the rest of the story? What did you find in Chase’s room that was smelling?

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