Some Kind Words for Evangelicals

Don’t miss Nicholas Kristof’s column in the New York Times this morning. (here) He features my friends at World Vision and talks more generally about the growing involvement of evangelicals in relief and development around the world. Kristof also addresses  the hostile attitudes evangelicals and Catholics confront in liberal circles.


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One Response to “Some Kind Words for Evangelicals”

  1. Bill Reichert Says:

    A liberal is one who, generally speaking, wants others to give their money to help those in need. Practically speaking, this means he wants the government to do it, taxing those who can’t afford good accountants to avoid using one’s own money to aid hoi polloi.

    This article helps, but it still drips with venom for anything that smacks of faith in God, and not solely in man.

    “The American view of evangelicals is still shaped by preening television blowhards and hypocrites who seem obsessed with gays and fetuses.”

    Lord knows we ought not to be obsessed with fetuses!

    “…if evangelicals can retire some of their sanctimony…”

    I’m not sure where my sanctimony is these days, but I know I could use some sanctity.

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