Who Loves?

Last week a friend shared with me about her sister’s last days. The sister was at home, relying on her oncologist for pain management, and the doctor wasn’t very responsive. The medicine she had prescribed wasn’t working. She didn’t seem interested in seeing her patient or in trying other options. There were scary symptoms that my friend didn’t understand, and it was hard to get the doctor to call back.

I remembered my own mother’s death, and how out-of-control you can feel. It made me thankful all over again for the help that hospice provided—kind, practical, knowledgeable care.

But these folks didn’t have that. They began to discuss whether they should change doctors. It would be inconvenient and awkward. They went back and forth until the patient told her sister (as she related it to me), “I think she is a very competent physician, but I don’t feel that she loves me.”

They changed doctors.

That comment has been rattling around in my mind since. It speaks to all sorts of situations, not just doctors.


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One Response to “Who Loves?”

  1. Rob Moll Says:

    Wow, Tim. I discovered your blog, read this post, and posted on my own blog about when to enter hospice, all in the last 20 minutes.

    I’ll be stopping by more often.

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