Tim in Haiti

Well, here’s a surprise… I’m on my way to Haiti. Right now I am writing from the Dominican Republic. Tomorrow morning I take a six passenger plane in. A Haitian seminary president will meet me and act as my guide. That’s the plan. I think I’ll be sleeping on the ground, and who knows what I’ll be eating. Also, I don’t as of now have a way to fly out again. Lots of unknowns, and I’m seriously short on sleep (took redeye to get here) but I’m excited. I’ll be looking for stories about how Haitian Christians are coping and helping each other. I’m working for Christianity Today but I’ll try to post updates and stories when I have a chance. No idea when that will be, but keep your eyes open. I expect to be in Haiti a week, assuming I can get out again.

I have the afternoon here in Santo Domingo, and so I walked around to see the old town. Lots of tourists rambling around. It’s strange, to be on the same island and see no sign whatsoever of the tragedy unfolding so nearby. I did see lots of folks heading to Haiti on the flight down from Miami, including one church group from South Carolina all wearing matching yellow T shirts. They got together a medical team in a week and are heading to a spot near Port au Prince to set up a medical clinic.


2 Responses to “Tim in Haiti”

  1. Karen Grandall Says:

    Just to let you know we are praying for you. Our Prayer Team meets this Sunday and we all will have you in our prayers. Kenny and I are praying for strength and courage and mainly health…and safety too….

  2. Will Cole-French Says:

    Tim —

    Not sure when you’ll get this, but I’m thankful to hear that you’re there and I’d like to know how to read what you write about it. Let me know where I can look for it.

    Warmly, Will

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