A Blog from Haiti

This blog from a missionary couple in Haiti is very detailed and quite moving. They rode their third-story apartment down to the second floor when the first floor collapsed. They were unhurt. They give a vivid day-by-day portrait of the chaos and the chaotic emotions. (Hint: start near the bottom on the day of the earthquake and work your way up into the present.)



One Response to “A Blog from Haiti”

  1. Cindy Says:

    This was wonderful to read a first-hand account. The devastation seems unfathomable, even with some of the photos posted on this couple’s blog. I was impressed byt he description of their friend, Sylvia, praying continuously when the earthquake first hit and for a time afterwards. Reading about the hymns that rose up around them is great assurance of God’s faithfulness and His Holiness that gives strength to the believers in Haiti.

    I’m annoyed by the misrepresentation of Pat Robertson’s comments shortly after the earthquake. Since I don’t read the newspaper regularly, and don’t have TV service (that’s a choice), I didn’t know about his bold remarks until a friend, who is not Christian, sent me an e-mail about making Pat Robertson pay for his comments about Haiti. It’s incredible how quickly good and hateful news spread!

    I continue to pray for aid of water, food and hope for the people in Haiti. As your couple friend said, prayer is most powerful thing we can do at this distance.

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