The Mission Field of Eclectic Spirituality

You may be interested to read an article I wrote for Christianity Today Magazine. (here).

Joanna Quintrell is an old friend of mine who has started something called “The Journey Center.” It’s a “Christ-centered” place where people of “eclectic spirituality” can come and participate in hikes, classes, centering prayer, art exhibits, and many other options… a warm, unthreatening place that is clearly labeled as Christian but without the baggage that so often turns New Age people away. (They don’t like to be called “new age,” by the way–that reeks of another era.)

Quintrell is the best example I know of the mindset Lesslie Newbigin called us to decades ago. America–at least America on the Left Coast–is as post-Christian as Europe. And that calls Christian to a very different, “missionary” mindset. Just as when reaching out to indigenous people in the mountains of Central America, we must learn a new language and grasp a different culture, just in order to be trusted and capable of communicating what we are about without scaring people off.

My sense is that most evangelical Christians–and I include myself here–only dimly grasp how scary and unpleasant they appear to the surrounding culture. Joanna is a good example of a new mindset that I want to learn.


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