The Soloist

We watched a good movie last night, “The Soloist.” It’s out on DVD. The plot is “based on a true story” about an LA Times columnist who writes about and then befriends a homeless man who plays the violin on the street. Turns out he went to Julliard. The columnist tries to help him, with mixed results. Three reasons you should see it:

First,  it’s an engaging, interesting film. Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr. are excellent.

Second, it offers an accurate and interesting portrayal of mental illness. That’s a subject we all love to forget.

Third, the plot turns on the subtle ways in which the columnist, trying to help, begins to play God. I found lots to think about. With those we love, where do we draw the line between helping and insisting? The film offers no glib answers, but some hope.


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One Response to “The Soloist”

  1. kcfeather Says:

    Our church watched this recently as part of a movie discussion series – we weren’t able to make it, but will definitely put this on our list now that I’ve heard yet another positive review.

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