The World Has Shrunk

I’ve been made the point person on a project co-sponsored by Christianity Today and the Lausanne Movement ( We’re publishing twelve articles and 36 responses (three per article) on a variety of topics that will be taken up at big international meetings in Cape Town next year. I get to choose the writers (with lots of consultation) from around the world. Most of them will come from Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Just ten years ago it would have been impossible. You couldn’t have communicated fast enough to get articles assigned and done on time, you couldn’t have scanned the internet to find info about potential writers around the globe, and you couldn’t have reached people in Africa, Asia and Latin America. So far I have written just one paper letter—to an eminent North American scholar. All other communication takes place on the internet. (I don’t even use the phone much.)

We have an amazing power to connect. It is a new thing in the history of the world. It will surely affect our lives in ways we can barely dream.


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